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    Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan (or vegetarian) weekend with Filibaba! Veggie Weekend is free to download, complete with 18 fresh and exciting recipes like Saffron Risotto, Chili con Frijoles, and Palak Tofu.
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  • Includes 18 yummy recipes, both vegan and vegetarian, suitable for weekend parties and family dinners.
  • Everything from a festive salad to healthy cupcakes, sourdough bread and more.
  • Exotic dishes inspired by world cuisines including Indian, South African, Swedish and Mexican.
  • Exclusive recipes and exciting ingredients like Adzuki Bean Burgers and Chanterelle Pie.
  • Even desserts are healthful with natural sweeteners such as dates and agave.
  • Raw food recipes too!
  • Our recipe books grow with you, from Swedish dishes to vegan secrets of the Orient. Unlock additional packs for $0.99!