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Vegan Gourmet Recipes

Vegourmet is absolutely beautiful with some stellar photographs.



BY ROB18474559372

The recipes are great, as are the photos! The design of the app is flawless too. It's a real joy to use. Highly recommended!

Filibaba is proud to introduce Vegourmet — the eco-conscious food magazine from Sweden. The official app offers you the very best vegan recipes and photography from the magazines. That’s over 100 recipes spanning delicious categories from appetizers and street food, to main courses, soups, raw foods, drinks and desserts.

Filibaba Smoothies

Refreshing and Tasty Drinks

Smoothie love


This app is a source of brilliant information in making smoothies. A must have for anyone interested in their overall nutrition.

Berry, fruity, sweet, sour, rich in protein — find your favorite smoothie! Learn more about the plentiful vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in common fruits, berries and spices.

Filibaba Spreads

Pestos and More
Make some of our tastiest recipes for spreads, including a number of different pestos, as well as our take on classics like hummus and tapenade. They’re all 100% vegan. Not only are they great in sandwiches and on toast – they’re also perfect for a quick, stress-free dinner and a great addition to any party buffet.

Veggie Weekend

Healthy Vegan Recipes

Best app with best interface


It's the best recipes veg app with mind blowing interface

Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan (or vegetarian) weekend with Filibaba! Veggie Weekend is free to download, complete with 18 fresh and exciting recipes like Saffron Risotto, Chili con Frijoles, and Palak Tofu. Unlock additional mini cookbooks for a small price! Remember that you can buy all cookbooks as a bundle at a reduced price.

Veggie Meals

Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Great app


Easy to follow, tasty recipes! Lovely design and the egg timer is a great touch.

Veggie Meals is a collection of 66 easy-to-prepare everyday meals with affordable and common ingredients. Buy the app that started it all!

Egg Timer

Exactly what we wanted!

BY J112358

Very clean app that was exactly what we wanted, a digital replacement to our egg timer with the same familiar sounds.

With a classic lifelike egg timer in a convenient app format, you'll always be on top of cooking. It rings once when time's up – even if the app is closed – naturally with a lifelike sound.


Eating more greens has been proven good for your health.


Our recipes are meat free, contributing to a sustainable environment.


By cutting down on animal products, you value animal welfare.

Do you want to publish your own cooking app?

We collaborate with world-class content creators to bring their recipes to our unique platform and put it in the hands of hundreds-of-thousands of users.

By tying into our eco-system of cooking apps we can present you to our existing users and make you a first class citizen on Apple's devices — iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Modern touch-screen devices offer unprecedented advantages for cooking, and we're only beginning to explore the potential.

Interested? Get in touch with us.

About Filibaba

Filibaba is an independent publisher of green recipe apps with content produced either by us, or carefully selected in collaboration with creative food enthusiasts.

Our mission is to inspire people to cook vegetarian and vegan food more often, in order to improve their health and, in the long run, contribute to a more varied and sustainable food production.

Filibaba is self-financed and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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